"Zenhub is an industry-leading productivity and project management platform for agile software teams. Zenhub enables software development teams at high-growth organizations and open source projects to build better code more quickly. Zenhub connects the dots across all teams with automated agile features


real-time roadmap visibility

and team productivity insights. More than 7

000 disruptive teams worldwide rely on Zenhub to ship great code faster. What is Zenhub used for? Software development teams use Zenhub’s productivity and project management platform to ship better code faster. Zenhub keeps teams aligned


and working towards a common goal by providing a unified view of project progress. Zenhub helps teams get more done by automating repetitive

mundane tasks

helping them improve focus and velocity. Using automated planning and estimation tools

teams can effectively project completion dates and ship planned work on time. Problems Zenhub Solves: > Improve communication and alignment between developers and business stakeholders > Limit scope creep and budget overruns > Enable asynchronous work and reduce the need for meetings > Facilitate Agile processes and ceremonies within GitHub > Reduce context switching > Reduce repetitive and manual tasks > Generate unbiased and asynchronous estimations Advantages of using Zenhub: > Flexible


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