making it easier to sign contracts online since 2013. 76% of the contracts sent using Signaturit are signed on the same day. (Real data from our customers). Our innovative solutions facilitate the digitisation and automation of contracting and communication processes

for SMBs and enterprises


safely and efficiently. As qualified trust service providers in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation

Signaturit is listed in the European Commission’s global list of trusted service providers. https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tl-browser/#/tl/ES/28 Therefore

the legal and regulatory compliance of all electronic transactions made through Signaturit is guaranteed. Visit the legal section on our website to know more: https://www.signaturit.com/legality/ Our solutions: · eSignatures: Send signature requests and sign contracts and documents from any device - desktop


mobile - with full legal validity. No application is needed to sign. · eDelivery (or Certified Registered Delivery): Certify the sending


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