"💧 SeedLegals is an established SaaS company founded in 2016. 💙 We guide and empower startups and small businesses to automate the legals you need


dramatically cutting down the time and expense companies used to spend with traditional lawyers and accountants. We've helped more than 35

000 companies and investors. 💰Our innovative agile funding services help founders raise money

from one-off investments to a full funding round and top-ups in between. Over £1 billion has been raised on SeedLegals. 🥇 We now close more funding rounds in the UK than anyone else

and we're the most popular choice in the UK for startup cap tables and EMI Option Schemes

the tax-efficient way to reward employees with equity. 🚀 We also work with investors to accelerate the fundraising process. 🏢 SeedLegals employs over 120 staff

with offices in Holborn

London and Station F

Paris. We operate in the UK


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