"Nave is a Kanban analytics suite that integrates with Jira



Asana and other popular platforms. We have enhanced the industry standard Kanban analytical charts to help teams improve their performance

spot bottlenecks at a glance and optimize workflow efficiency. Seamlessly create immersive dashboards from your Kanban boards. Analyze your data in real time to get work done faster and better. Our enhanced analytics help your Kanban team reach its full potential. With Kanban Analytics

you can: * Evaluate your workflow performance * Analyze lead times and cycle times * Identify bottlenecks as they occur * Make probability based

data-driven estimates * Trace productivity patterns * Calculate your work delivery rate * Measure your team's productivity * Monitor the time work spends in progress * Assess the efficiency of your workflow Our (current) data visualization tools: * Cumulative Flow Diagram * Cycle Time Scatterplot * Cycle Time Histogram * Aging Chart * Throughput Run Chart * Throughput Histogram * Flow Efficiency Chart"





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