"Lucky Orange"


"Lucky Orange can help you understand why your website is getting traffic that doesn’t convert into sales or leads. Our conversion rate optimization tools have been trusted by more than 300


000 websites around the world to gain insight into what people are doing on their website. Increase your sales and learn more about your website visitors Our Session Recordings and Dynamic Heatmaps allow you to see where people clicked

scrolled and tapped on your website to see what’s stopping them from buying. Drill down into a single person’s visitor journey with a session replay or see an aggregate view of what people engage with the most - or least with Dynamic Heatmaps. Use a Scroll Heatmap to see if people are scrolling far enough down the page to see your calls to action or if they’re leaving before you can convert them. Reduce cart abandonment The powerful combination of Live Chat & a live view of your visitors can prevent abandoned carts. If you see someone struggling in real time

you can use Live Chat to see if you can help them find what they need or answer their questions. Lucky Orange Announcements tool allows you to create a pop up highlighting an upsell opportunity

offer a discount or ask for a product review."






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