"Loqate – Address Capture & Verification"


"Loqate Address Capture and Verification is a real-time address lookup solution that makes it faster and easier to capture and verify addresses for online forms and checkouts. Addresses can be found in as few as three keystrokes and in as little time as 150 milliseconds. The solution provides autocompleted suggestions as soon as the user starts typing


and our search algorithm anticipates input nuances such as location to provide the correct address in a flash. With Loqate

you can start optimising your users’ experience on your site and reduce cart or form abandonment rates by providing users with a faster way of entering their address. Additionally

Loqate’s Address Capture and Verification increases efficiency by avoiding poor data quality and the cost of missed deliveries. Loqate Address Capture and Verification has the following features: - Better data – addresses are sourced from multiple datasets before being combined

cross-referenced and cleansed to yield the most correct version of the address. - Fuzzy matching – our natural language processing AI corrects any misspellings

switched letters

or any other error without delays to response time. - Unicode – customers are now able to type in their address in the native language and character set. - Location biasing – automatically detect the user’s location to assist the search and generate even faster results without typing the full address. - Results filtering – customise the parameters of returned addresses for easy segmentation to limit the results to specific areas or exclude addresses from outside any given region. We help every business in the world reach every customer in the world Loqate is a GBG solution. GBG is the world’s leading Identity Data Intelligence specialist

giving organisations in over 70 countries the ability to make sense of data about nearly 4.5 billion people. By combining trillions of data records

we help our customers make informed decisions about capturing and managing personal data


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