"If you are looking for a simple way how to manage and plan projects


track issues

estimating time

use Helpdesk features

and in one place also cover test management

juno.one is the right choice for you. With clear dashboards

you are allowed to manage tasks and track bugs in a way you’ve seen never before. For scheduling your day-to-day activities juno.one offers really simple project swim-lanes and Gantt diagrams implemented in Roadmaps. Your project should be well designed and Epics or Stories are usually scaffolded for your progress so why aren't they integrated with other project elements - simple and easy with juno.one. Of course

during the day you are charged with tone TODO tasks and always need help-hand with AI elements to organize and improve your focus on things to target more. What wasn't tested can’t work - that is the orthodox outlook from software testers and they are right. Excellent simplification with juno.one tool could improve your test management process."



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