"- Tens of thousands of companies rely on Cronofy to power their business scheduling


using enterprise-ready scheduling tools

embeddable components and APIs. We operate a reliable and expert service and believe in consultative

long term partnerships with our customers. Find out more about Cronofy's products and partnering with us here: https://www.cronofy.com/choosing-your-scheduling-software - Our APIs offer software providers a chance to integrate sophisticated scheduling features

connecting with all major calendars and based on real-time availability. - Our Scheduler is an off-the-shelf online application that allows you to wave goodbye to email-back-and forth. generate a one-time use meeting request link which can include multiple people's availability and customized settings. Your team can share their real-time availability with their contacts when offering them times for appointments

meetings or interviews. You can also schedule from wherever you are on the web using our extensions

in your favourite browsers

applications and email. - Security

privacy and data compliance are something that we take very seriously at Cronofy


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