"Corpay One"


"Corpay One is a leading spend management solution for scaling businesses. Picture your bank’s bill pay - only smarter


with one platform to manage your business bills and a credit card (the Corpay Mastercard®!) to pay them. You can build custom bookkeeping and approval workflows that work for your team

while streamlining payments to your vendors

managing employee spend with custom controls and leveling up your business with line of credit. This is intelligent spend management designed to help you spend smarter

earn faster and save more. Get started today - free! Corpay One helps you with: - Free Automated ACH

Check and Virtual Card payments - Company cards - Spend control - Easy-to-use bill pay interface - Hands-free bill and receipt scanning - Infinitely customizable workflows - No additional fees per seat - No-fee implementation - Free

guided onboarding - Live

online support - Dedicated team of payments experts"



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