"Cookiebot by Usercentrics"


"Cookiebot consent management platform by Usercentrics  is built around a powerful scanning technology that automatically detects and controls all cookies and trackers on your website


ensuring a compliant use of data based on transparency and consent. With more than 500

000 websites using our product

we have served more than 10 billion user consents in more than 46 languages. Cookiebot CMP enables you to: - Become compliant with GDPR/ePrivacy

CCPA and other major privacy law with limited effort by easily controlling and managing your website cookies and trackers through a fully automated process

- Protect your business from data privacy violations

- Protect your online brand reputation by ensuring your customers that their data privacy rights are respected. How do we do that? Cookiebot CMP scans your website to detect all cookies


and trojan horses


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