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Building without code for >15 years

In 2006 we founded a digital agency on a single principle– our coders would code a platform and our "visual developers" would use the platform to deliver solutions for clients, without writing code.

For more than a decade we used this platform internally as a competitive advantage, and to build ever larger and more complex solutions for clients. We could deliver solutions faster, with fewer bugs, and with fewer people. It started as simple CRMs that we sold to mom & pop retailers, then quickly became bespoke solutions for small businesses and complete digital transformations for Enterprises.

As new feature requests rolled in that couldn't be implemented by our Visual Devs in the platform, instead of hard coding that piece, we added the new ability to the platform, and then implemented the feature for the client visually without code. After years of this, we came to understand how to properly architect a Visual Dev environment that allows you to build anything for the web without coding, while always leaving the door open for you to easily extend the platform with custom code when needed.

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