"AskNicely is the recognized leader in customer experience management and has the only desktop-to-mobile platform for people-powered businesses. We bring feedback



coaching and brand-aligned service standards into the pocket of your frontline team who are now equipped to improve the service experience customers receive every day. Customer Feedback Automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (Email

SMS or on a Webpage) with our playful & quick surveys

which display as personalized conversations that generate higher than average response rates. Automate Reviews and Referrals Use automated workflows to turn feedback into positive reviews that boost your online rating and referrals that become new business. Alternatively

increase customer retention by automating follow up messages with at-risk accounts or internal notifications which ensure each and every team member is alerted when necessary. Coaching & Recognition Empower every manager with the feedback and coaching tools they need to make every customer experience awesome. Including team and individual coaching prompts

employee experience information

and reporting capabilities all on a personalized dashboards for desktop or mobile. Business Insights Understand the gaps between your service standard and what is actually being delivered to see how every business unit



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